Now is The Hour, The Day, The Church Militant to Stand, Fight, Liberate, and Restore Our Families, Our Catholic Faith

The Trumpet Heralding the Final Battle of Traditionalists Forces to Liberate The Holy Mass and Faith from the Deadly Cancer of Liberalism and its New (Age) Theology has Sounded

Time and events, most assuredly under the sovereign hand of God, conspire in one’s life producing a collision between ones professional and spiritual lives; such is the case with our work concerning:

  1. The arrival of Global Governance [Words Matter…Understanding Global Governance ISM’S Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Progressivism]
  2. Our lives within the remnants of the Catholic Church [Life – Last Citadel of Freedom: Government(s), Culture of Death].

Orthodox Judaism, Pre-Vatican II Catholic Church and The Constitution of The United States of America historically have been and remain today the strong tower, fortress that has thwarted Global Governance from seizing total authoritarian control of the education, economic, religion, and  political/government systems.

Alarmingly right before our very eyes and with not so much as a whimper the Constitution of The United States of America is being destroyed, rewritten by not so blind activist justices,   by the same internal forces that have caused the Catholic Church to compromise with ‘The World’ losing its flavor as ‘Salt of The Earth’, dimming the ‘Beacon of Light and Hope’ in the darkness: The Dissident Leftist Movement.

“The dissident, leftist movement in the Catholic Church over the last forty years has severely undermined the teaching of the Catholic Church on the moral teachings on life and family” a prominent US Orthodox rabbi told LifeSiteNews.com. Rabbi Yehuda Levin, the head of a group of 800 Orthodox rabbis in the US and Canada, also dismissed the accusations that the Holy See had not sufficiently distanced itself from the comments made by Bishop Richard Williamson of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) on the Holocaust.


“I support this move to reconcile the traditionalist faction in the Church” he said, “because I understand the big picture, which is that the Catholic Church has a problem.

There is a strong left wing of the Church that is doing immeasurable harm to the faith.” 

-Excerpt from: Left Wing of the Catholic Church Destroying the Faith Says Orthodox Rabbi by LifeSiteNews.com,  Hilary White, Rome correspondent, Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:15 EST


Pope St. Pius X says in his first encyclical of 1904: “As of now the enemy is not outside of the Church but within the Church itself,” and St. Pius X designates the places where the enemy is found: the enemy is in the seminaries, the enemy has infiltrated the seminaries, among the professors of the seminaries. This is clear! It is St. Pius X himself who says so!

Fifty years before this text from St. Pius X, Pope Pius IX showed the bishops the plan of the secret society and asked that the acts of the Italian secret societies be published. In these documents can be read: “from now on we will penetrate the parishes and into the episcopates, and into the seminaries and so we will have parish priests, bishops and cardinals who will be our disciples, and from these cardinals we hope one day to have a pope, who will be imbued with our ideas and will not appear to have been elected by the secret societies. Thus the Christian people will think they are following the Chair of Peter and in its place they will follow us.”

Fifty years later this satanic plan is realized, according to the same words of St. Pius X, and since then, since fifty years ago, in the fifty years following, not only secret societies revealed this plan and this acitivity, but even the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima and at LaSalette predicted that one day the enemy would mount to the highest positions in the Church. This means something very grave: that perhaps there will be no need to climb as high as the Holy Father but to the positions in command in the Church.

And so we come to Vatican Council II, in which those who were imbued with these modernist ideas would end up triumphant. I was witness….

–Excerpt From


Conference by Archbishop Lefebvre in Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 31, 1981; Published in the January 1982 issue of The Angelus magazine


Why is the catholic Education system so important? Worth Fighting for? 

Control the minds of the future of The Catholic Church and if you cannot accomplish that force them into secular education systems and let the public schools perform the task for you.

For the faithful catholic there are a few facts that you must finally admit to for any of this to make sense to you,  challenge your thinking, challenge authority, remembering that the only authority people and institutions have over you is that which you give them…The Church is supposed to Work For Our Families!  This entire situation is a combination of Politics (progressive socialism), Centralized Urban Planning, and Wealth Redistribution under the euphemism “Pathways to Excellence.”  Efforts to ‘save our schools’  has been doomed from the start as the parents, as sheep to the slaughter,  have been playing by the rules that the people who set the rules told them were the parameters they had to maneuver in. When economically sound solutions were presented they were ignored in favor the agenda(s) mentioned above, they changed the rules/parameters to fit their agenda.  The Church is closing your school(s) while continuing to ask you to support the building and running of schools in Africa, South America and Asia!  Ask yourself; is not my Childs education worth something, support?  Why take our money, close our schools?  What is your agenda?

“I would like to give you just one example of what the Council was: We did everything possible so that Vatican Council II would condemn Communism. Being a pastoral council (we should not forget that Vatican II was a pastoral council), that is to say, a council which has as its principal preoccupation the salvation of souls, which has as its object the destruction of the errors that menace souls, it was necessary, without doubt that this Council should be opposed to the greatest danger presenting itself in this age, as is Communism —a danger which extends itself throughout the world. 

This Council, where 2,500 bishops responsible for the Catholic Church were meeting was not capable of formally condemning Communism.”

–Excerpt From


Conference by Archbishop Lefebvre in Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 31, 1981; Published in the January 1982 issue of The Angelus magazine

Words Matter…Understanding Global Governance ISM’S Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Progressivism

Words matter: Global Governance ISM’S Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Progressivism.  As a public relations practitioner, I am always intrigued by the power of language, its usage in our daily personal and business lives.

If you happen to take the time to explore the website of The Archdiocese of New York it literally could have been the official website for the former Soviet Union or almost any communist/wealth redistribution organization today.

How do the ISM’s Global Governance Win? Through the processes of Removal, Control and Neutralization of:

  1. The Constitution of The United States stands as a beacon of light and truth that is in stark contrast to the Global Governance ISM’s:  Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, and Progressivism. It is currently being dismantled if not completely ignored by the federal and state government(s) of the United States being replaced by ‘International Law’ or Laws being imposed on us by the United Nations.  This is the program to eliminate the “Independent” American Citizen and replace them with as Gore and Obama have stated, Global Citizens.
  2. Faithful Christians and Faithful Jews.  The keyword is FAITHFUL. Global Governance ISM’s do not mind Christians and Jews for they are many and through compromise have become tools for the destruction of the faithful. It is THE FAITHFUL CHRISTIAN and JEW that stand in the way of the implementation of Global Governance ISM’s.  Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan has compromised the Catholic faith in New York to the point where it is little more than a puppet for the Global Governance ISM’s and now with his election as president of the U.S. Council of Bishops, the dilution of the faith, the cancer of compromise, to maintain personal power and wealth will be nationwide.
  3. Maintain Order.  Special Private Government Militia to combat established military.  Currently in the U.S. we have a military of citizen volunteers and have produced a class of American’s loyal to the U.S. Constitution, feared by the Global Governance ISM’s …Veterans.  The National Socialist Workers Party in Germany utilized The Brown Shirts (SEIU, CSEA and Other Unions in our Nation Today) to subdue the population, military, law enforcement and veterans.  Watch carefully The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) especially now with the recent Middle East trip of DHS Minister Janet Napolitano.
  4. Individual Right to the Means of Production , Government Control of Economy.  We have reserved using the Capital-ISM till now.  In of itself this particular ISM is controlled effectively through Free Markets.  Now it has become an extension of the Global Governance ISM’s through the massive government takeover of industry, business, banks and financial institutions in the United States.  This extends to the redistribution of wealth program duly noted as Nationalized Healthcare that contains the authority of the president to raise a private security force to enforce compliance to his orders and maintain order. 

President Obama received a lot of heat for stating that the US is not a Christian nation.  He spoke the truth in that our nation has become a secular humanist – neo pagan nation.  This is due to the fact that there are many that call themselves “Christian” but few “Faithful Christians”.

“The weapons of this fight require Christians in America to return to being Faithful Christians and not support   GLOBAL GOVERNENCE ISM’S:  Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, and Progressivism no matter what organized religious leaders may compromise with, support or even capitulate to them.” – Greg Kelly Parishioner St. Thomas of Canterbury Church, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY; Partner K2 GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS LLC.

There is a little discussed Economic ISM that G.K. Chesterton calls Distributism.

“Distributism is not re-distribution of wealth, a staple of socialism. Distributism gets its name from distributive justice. Therefore, what Distributists seek is equal protection under the law for all citizens regardless of class or any other qualifier.  Distributists seek the widespread distribution of the ownership of the means of production to any who desire such freedom.  The most efficient means of accomplishing this is by defending and protecting the right to private ownership.  Clearly, defending and protecting the right of ownership is incompatible with the unjust redistribution of another man’s property.

Distributism is not a form of capitalism.  Distributism is founded upon principles at odds with those upon which capitalism is founded.  For example, capitalism relies heavily upon usury.  Distributism is against the paying of interest on non-productive loans.  Capitalism differs with Distributism, most fundamentally, in its concept of the purpose of economic activity itself.  Capitalism seeks profit above all else, whereas Distributism seeks individual freedom in providing for man’s material needs.

Distributism is not socialism. Socialism sets itself apart from Distributism in its conception of the role of government; the nature, dignity and destiny of man; the right to private ownership and the status of economic freedom as a good in and of itself. Distributism does not support the unbridled competition of dog-eat-dog capitalism, nor does it support the managed economy of socialist systems.  Distributism supports freedom, cooperation and subsidiarity.” – Excerpt From Distributism: Economics Built On Revelation By Matthew Pelicano, founder of the Distributist Exchange.



Words Matter…Understanding Global Governance ISM’S Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Progressivism

Life – Last Citadel of Freedom: Government(s), Culture of Death



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