Benedictus Moments: Daily Reflections – Saint Luke Productions Now Available On Our Blogs!

“When I step out in faith to serve God by doing the impossible, I am constantly astonished at the miracles God works through my inadequate abilities. That has been the story of my life, and I pray that God will continue to find me always willing to do His Will.” -Leonardo Defilippis

As a Catholic and Catholic Business we are joyous that Saint Luke Productions has made Benedictus Moments: Daily Reflections presented by Leonardo Defilippis available for distribution by means of embedding on our websites and blogs.  This is a welcomed addition as we already have the link to our Divine Mercy devotion on our sites. -Greg Kelly Partner K2 Global Communications Llc


About  Benedictus Moments: Daily Reflections – Saint Luke Productions:

After reading every evening the beautiful and thought-provoking meditations of Pope Benedict XVI, we here at St. Luke Productions have realized that this wonderful teacher and leader of the Faith needs to be heard more extensively, especially through the medium of radio. Therefore, we decided to have Leonardo Defilippis record the inspiring work: Benedictus: Day by Day with Pope Benedict XVI (published by Magnificat and Ignatius Press), in order to promulgate the Pope’s message to an even a wider audience.

This new daily series, entitled BENEDICTUS MOMENTS, has been specifically produced for radio and the web in an effort to strengthen the understanding and insight of the Word of God and the rich legacy of sacred tradition. It is an exciting and unique program, and we ask for your fervent prayers for its success in the evangelization of our world today. Tune in to this page daily to hear the latest Benedictus Moment.


Saint Luke Productions is pleased and excited to offer daily installments of the Pope’s written reflections narrated by Leonardo himself. In the hope that this series can extend to the entire English-speaking world, we need your help! First and foremost, seek out your local Catholic radio station and let them know that you want BENEDICTUS MOMENTS to be a part of your daily walk! Ask them to contact us at Saint Luke Productions directly (360-687-8029) for more information regarding distribution. Also visit our website for the daily meditation. Together we can make it so that these beautiful words, as wonderfully written as they are spoken, can reach out and touch all souls!


Greg Kelly is a combat veteran having served in the United States Army with the rank of Sergeant in the “America’s Guard of Honor”  82nd Airborne Division (Grenada) and “Second-2-None” 2nd Infantry Division (Korea).

His professional experience includes specializing in public relations, international relations, public/government affairs, corporate communications, and relationship building from the local-to-international level. He has worked as an assistant to Benjamin A. Gilman, former Chairman of the House International Relations Committee and a member of Congress from 1973 to 2003. He is also the former Manager of Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising for the Korea National Tourism Organization where his duties included speech writing for senior Korean government officials and establishing and maintaining working relationships with various foreign and domestic companies, government agencies and media outlets.

Mr. Kelly graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from State University of New York at Potsdam where he majored in political science and minored in communications.


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