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Hollywood Sheik: Fame, Drugs, Rehab, Deaths…Being Dead is not Cool, it’s COLD!

Ask Former Cheerleader, Law Student, Beauty Queen Kumari Fulbright How Sexy Drugs Are!

New York, New York – K2 Global Communications Llc in response to the death of Whitney Houston is again speaking up on the issue of substance abuse and celebrity personality clientele.

Hollywood and the Recording Industry feed the celebrities’ personal demons much in the same way drug pushers and pimps feed the personal demons of others to control, enslave them for their service.

Before we continue, we must point out that the problems associated with child actors more often than not originate with the parents.  One of the worst forms of child abuse is the beauty pageants and reality shows such as Toddlers and Tiaras.

The program(s) we tailor fit for our clients are not at all like the Celebrity Rehab nonsense which do little to address the real, core issues and provide behavior modification.

  • We draw from our military structured living experience which stresses personal responsibility with the importance of individual success for the success of society.
  • Faith based applications for living combined with physical fitness.
  • A number of clients were placed in a medically induced coma at major medical facilities in order to have their bodies purged of the toxins (drugs) allowing the body to heal itself in the stimulus, craving, nervous system and brain function areas.

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The problems we deal with from our clients are not limited to substance abuse either.  The Heroin Sheik look forced upon celebrities brings to the forefront a host of other issues which include but are not limited to:

  • Body Image: Eating Disorders, Starvation, Vanity Surgery.
  • Dangerous dieting that leads to heart, kidney, liver and other life threatening vital organ damage.  The dirty secret of Hollywood is Female Celebrity Heart Attacks…Ssssh!
  • Divorce/Broken Families.
  • Suicide.
  • Excessive lifestyles that only politicians in Washington, DC can compete with.
  • Sextapes/Sexting Leaks.

We successfully integrate our clients back into their careers, acting and music, with a greater sense of self-worth, empowerment and purpose for their lives.



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