35. The Belle~Aire Letters: On Which Road, Whom Do You Seek?


Rose, looking back in my mind, my first letter, The Rose poem, may indeed have been wholly inspired by the Song of Solomon.

Originally posted on Knights O' Quill:


I realize I have not written much of our love nor has my quill come to paper for a poem for you.  These are things I resolve to fix in the very near future.

There are here in The Trenches in a case of overly broad generalization four-types of people.

The first desires to undertake their ‘Salvation Journey’ upon the Roman Road.  The Brothers!

The Second walks the road to Emmaus they believe but their belief has been run roughshod by life’s events however Jesus returns to them and reveals Himself again, restoration of Faith.

The third is as Saul on the road to Damascus, as with more of us than we are willing to admit I suspect, persecuted Christians till Jesus knocked us off our high~n~mighty horse right on the part that meets the saddle leather.

The Fourth, sits far enough away…

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34. The Belle~Aire Letters: Do Unto Thyself, Fella


You see Rose, they violated the most basic however most vital matter of trust. We have to know we are safe in the hands of each others care, there are the days/nights when out of necessity for survival we must huddle together in groups for life-preserving body heat.

There is something hideous, so vile…UNSPEAKABLE! that while it is unpardonable among us in combat it also violates the laws of nature and God! When any of the men are discovered, caught in this most disgusting, filthy act they are given two choices.

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I was thrilled to receive your graduation notice!  Only one month to go.  I have asked my family to prepare and send to you a gift from me.  I so desire I was there to share the day with you and your family.

Yesterday we repositioned as the Infantry had made advances, made possible by our support fires.  We were on advance party and we discovered something, as it always seems. Two of the Infantry did not advance with their unit.

You see Rose, they violated the most basic however most vital matter of trust.  We have to know we are safe in the hands of each others care, there are the days/nights when out of necessity for survival we must huddle together in groups for life-preserving body heat.

There is something hideous, so vile…UNSPEAKABLE! that while it is unpardonable among us in combat…

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33. The Belle~Aire Letters: Who is There to Deliver Hope?


But, wait, The Trenches, they Quake! As told us in Matthew 28 KJV:

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I was just woken for The Watch, I have a few minutes before I go atop the trench.  We never know if we will have another opportunity to write, if we make it back from The Watch.  The Watchman on The Wall is usually the first target the Kaiser’s Boys wish to silence so as unable to sound the alarm to those wretched souls in the trenches.

Rose, an observation I have made, I must relay to you. The conduct of this War is under the banner of building a better world, a united world, a Brotherhood of Man.  Have we not encountered all throughout history men attempting to build a paradise, utopia here on earth by first the vulgarity of violence under the guise of lies of a banner we do not carry anymore?

Every night we run through the same, ultimately…

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32. The Belle~Aire Letters: No Sun, No Moon; But The Vineyard and The Farm


Rose, Oh Rose, what has man done? When I ask myself can it be undone? Then the answer comes, Yes, it was undone; The Answer Has Come!

Originally posted on Knights O' Quill:


Last night on watch quiet; too quiet!

We have not seen sun nor moon and stars for over a month with the spring rains, it fills the trenches leaving on us deaths various stenches.

That is how it is with the world Rose.  It blots out the light, fills our trenches and leaves our souls with deaths stenches.

There is a Light that comes over the others when they see me reach for The Word of God, yes even the most worldly of us in the shadows at the far end of the trenches.  Rose, this IS The Light Of The Son!  His light shines of an untold magnitude, far greater than that of the sun, the moon and stars if even all combined!

Earlier today, I gave brief introductions of C.H. Spurgeons Farm Sermons.  They seem to reflect The Light of The Son in…

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31. The Belle~Aire Letters: Rended Hearts


As I pulled it from my under my jacket, I still carry it wrapped in oilcloth inside my uniform jacket, it has the hole in the Book of Genesis from where The Kaiser’s Boys took a shot at me, “the devils assassin’s bullet” as I tell the others. This is where I started with the others, a place I know they could relate so well:

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I mean no disrespect or discourtesy toward the Chaplain, otherwise a nice fellow. Speaks dead words, dead as the horses hit with the Pale Green Death from the Artillery Shells of the Kaiser’s Boys.

I realize this  may seem as a great odd thing to you however, these times, in the water filled trenches, rats incessantly feasting on the corpses, breeding, where Hope for many has evaporated with the Cannons Dragon Breath, is precisely the place where Hope is to be discovered!

Rose, The Word of God [KJV] you supplied me has been more the Rock and Beacon of Hope than any words issued from man or by command.  The political class back home and Army Command has made it illegal for us to speak of Jesus, read The Word of God to others.  Now, this might seem an awful thing but precisely because the…

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Samson’s Fist: Total War [Annihilation] is Only Winnable War with Islam

Featured Image -- 91115


Only implementing full out Attila The Hun-Genghis Khan Total War on every muslim man, woman and child annihilated, livestock and wealth plundered, scorched earth-mosques-cities/villages in ashes, buried, will The West have saved itself, remember…

Originally posted on K2 GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS LLC:

The War has begun and The West is losing, horribly.

The whole of Civilization is at war with Islam whether it desires to acknowledge it or not.

The Common Man of each society, our focus is on Western-Civilization but not exclusive to, has been betrayed by the Emasculated Political Class, Corporate Houses of Greed and Anti-Christ Christian Religious.

Examine language:

Obama: Europe must better integrate Muslims
(Y NetNews.com 1.16.15)

This is no mis-statement on his part and should be understood correctly by the Common Man of Western Societies. Ask yourself, Systemic Forced Migration, Population Dilution…Why?(4.16.13 K2 Global Communications LLC) to what ends if he most recently called for ‘Integration’ vs. ‘Assimilation’?

U.S. President Barack Hussein is NOT calling for muslims to assimilate into Western-Civilized Societies he is calling for Sovereign Western Nations and their societies to capitulate, willingly subjugate themselves to The Global Islamic Caliphate!

The Global Islamic Caliphate…

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the ‘christian?’ Army hides with fear! “but I come to thee in the name of the LORD of hosts”


Your head piked a top,

His Christian Warriors Spear!

Now what have you say of Our Lord, His Day!

We wait to hear.

Originally posted on Knights O' Quill:

How important my name?


How important my reputation?


See the enemy gathered near,

in hand sword and spear.

How queer,

the ‘christian?’ Army hides with fear!

How bold?

Stand up, go forth,


for OUR LORD and all HE holds dear.


you boast defiance to The Lord,

By your demon man-gods,

His Soldiers you curse,

with your demon man-law sword,

The Word of God, His Sword!

Brings Holy Fire to your heathen horde.

Modern Philistines you make the same mistake,

you come at us with demon man-god and man-law sword,

Ne’er learnt Our Strength,

Our Power IS The Word of God;

Our Hope, Trust, Faith IN The Lord!

Modern Philistine, you come against us ,

cause many ‘christian?’ to live in fear.

His Soldiers,  of you Modern Philistine,

they do not fear, they count…

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