The Gibsons New EP, Brink of Eternity: Straight Up, Southern Fried…No ‘Fluff-n-Stuff Pop Culture Additives’


Brink of Eternity (a gift for you from The Gibsons):


Hendersonville, TN (December 6, 2011) — The Gibsons NEW EP, Brink of Eternity has arrived.  Brink of Eternity ;  Four powerful Southern Rock anthems in total glorifying The Lord Jesus Christ. All-original southern rock guitar riffs, a thick bass line, hard hitting drum rolls, and Biblical lyrics that tell a story.

What do you get with The Gibsons?  Honesty and telling it like it is Straight Up, Southern Fried, with no ‘Fluff-n-Stuff Pop Culture Additives’:

“The tops in the Christian music field said we should tone down the lyrics so as not to single out or offend anyone. I have always despised those that change the words of GOD. They just don’t know how to handle what they call the “gospel twist or the GOD thing”. We choose to work for GOD and not the money mongers.” -Jerry Martin Gibson Writer/Vocals

All the music on this album was composed by Shane Paul Gibson in 2011 from the ages of 17-18. All the lyrics were composed by his father, Jerry Martin Gibson. Together The Gibsons are the most remarkable Christian songwriting team around. The songs on this album include:

1. Brink of Eternity (open up your eyes, see the world’s demise, we’re standing on the brink of eternity)

2. Love it or Leave it (a twist on patriotism in America)

3. The Lord Jesus Christ (the only Christian song bold enough to preach 7 Dispensations all in one song)

4. Feed My Sheep (a fierce Southern Rock anthem that exposes the Takers and Fakers behind the pulpits that fleece the flock for their own prosperity)

The Gibsons are God’s All-Original Southern Rock-n-Roll band from Tennessee with the BEST southern rock sound since the ’80s! It is their mission to Shine THE Light, Jesus Christ into the darkness while bringing back American pride and thought provoking music. It is serious Southern Rock at its finest that incorporates a wide variety of soul stirring lyrics and music with an awesome intricate sound created through the prevailing Word of God. Please consider the Gibsons for any opening band slots you need filled; they are sure to get the audience fired up! The lyrics are all truth, none of them fabricated to create a song. The Gibsons boldly go where most Christians fear to tread.

What They Say About The Gibsons:

“If you love Southern Rock and have an event planned, you should truly consider bringing this band on. They are an intense Rock band and stand firm in their faith of Jesus Christ. Check them out at These are great bunch of folks to work with.” -James “Steel” Maner of The Saints of God Motorcycle Ministry

“From all of us at The Neon stage, a HUGE GREAT BIG THANK YOU for coming to Sparta, Tn. to perform at For the Love of Music!!! Your band ROCKS!! Absolutely awesome music, fabulous vocals, UNBELIEVABLE!! We so appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you again!! Keep on rockin’ and spreading the Word!! You ALL are THE BEST!!” -The Neon Stage Crew

“The Gibsons were nominated in the Top 10 for the 2008 ICM New Artist of the Year. They lit up the stage with an electric live performance at BB King’s in Nashville, Tennessee for the showcase event during the CMA Music Festival.  Their debut nationwide radio single charted on the Christian Country chart.  They get the gospel message across and they entertain the crowd at the same time!” -Gene Higgins, President and Founder, Power Source Music, Inc.

“The Gibsons provided a fresh and energetic addition to the musical line-up at 2008 SPIFFS Independent Film and Music Festival. Hard driving lyrics and vocals with extraordinary guitar work made them a crowd favorite and representative of the new and positive direction that the Contemporary Rock Gospel genre is taking.”  -Tom Hicks,  Executive Producer SPIFFS Independent Film and Music Festival

“The Gibsons will bless you with their fresh new sound and Bible inspired lyrics. Every song carries “The Message” that will not just reach your ears, but reach your heart.” -Bo Hinson, Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame Member

If you would like the physical album, you can buy it starting on Friday for only $10! Please send a message if you would like to purchase this album directly from Gibzone Studio.

Thank-you for supporting GOD’s All-Original Southern Rock Ministry.

Meet The Band:

Jerry Martin Gibson Writer Vocals
Shane Paul Gibson Writer/Lead/Rhythm

Contact The Gibzone:

Email: The Gibzone gibzone(AT)

The Gibzone Website

The Gibzone Facebook

The Gibzone MySpace

Mail: Gibzone Studio

952 Weeping Willow Road

Hendersonville, TN 37075

Booking/Public Relations: Heather G. Janzen gibzone(AT)


Booking: 615.945.4199

Studio: 615.264.1783

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