Ted Nugent Matters: Benevolent Government’s ‘Burn Down The Reichstag Moment’

This is Benevolent Government’s ‘Burn Down The Reichstag Moment’ for three in your face political maneuvers.

Yes America Ted Nugent IS guilty!

Nugent is guilty of shining light on the darkness of Benevolent Government that cometh to our land, if not already here.  To be perfectly clear I do not support the Republicans either for they too as proven by the Bush Dynasty have placed our nation on the same track it is just a matter of how to achieve the same outcome of Benevolent Government.

In their predictable pattern Benevolent Government’s Spin Meister Attack Hounds and its messenger sycophants, the intolerant tolerant of Hollywood, have seized upon someone that dared to oppose Benevolent Government and their messiah.

They took his comment: “’if Obama is reelected, I’ll be dead or in jail” an obvious dig at Benevolent Government and twisted the truth into a threat on Obama.

This is Benevolent Government’s  ‘Burn Down The Reichstag Moment’  for three in your face political maneuvers.

1. Perpetuate, Accelerate Race War Politics

2. Politics of Distraction and Intimidation (Chicago Style Thuggery with Federal Agencies)

3. Piggy Back on the George Zimmerman case, Identify himself as ‘The Victim’

An example of messenger sycophants, the intolerant tolerant of Hollywood is Holly (Wood) Robinson Peete as she expressed openly in the twitter exchange I had with her last evening.

Following is Twitter Exchange with Hollywood Benevolent Government Messenger Sycophant Elitist Holly Robinson Peete on Topic of Ted Nugent-Obama:

Holly Robinson Peete‏@hollyrpeete:

Nugent: “Comments Were Metaphors Not Threats” How is ‘if Obama is reelected, I’ll be dead or in jail'” a metaphor?? http://huff.to/JQPpMg


#TedNugent used METAPHORS just Like HOPE N CHANGE R Metaphors for #COMMUNIST #REVOLUTION! #Obama

Holly Robinson Peete @hollyrpeete:

@K2GLOBALCOMM omg that may be the most ignorant tweet I’ve ever gotten #BLOCK


@hollyrpeete Ignorant as yours on Ted?…


@hollyrpeete #Obama GoonSquad OK with #TedNugent He played Cat Scratch Fever While They Partied with Federally Funded #GSAProstitutes


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Greg Kelly is a combat veteran having served in the United States Army with the rank of Sergeant in the “America’s Guard of Honor”  82nd Airborne Division (Grenada) and “Second-2-None” 2nd Infantry Division (Korea).

His professional experience includes specializing in public relations, international relations, public/government affairs, corporate communications, and relationship building from the local-to-international level. He has worked as an assistant to Benjamin A. Gilman, former Chairman of the House International Relations Committee and a member of Congress from 1973 to 2003. He is also the former Manager of Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising for the Korea National Tourism Organization where his duties included speech writing for senior Korean government officials and establishing and maintaining working relationships with various foreign and domestic companies, government agencies and media outlets.

Mr. Kelly graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from State University of New York at Potsdam where he majored in political science and minored in communications.


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