Return of The Blog: ‘MySpace Malaise’ Infection Spreads to Facebook, Twitter, etc…


Confirmation of the ‘MySpace Malaise’ infection of Facebook, Twitter is readily identified through a series of random and specific data reference searches in scientific, business publications as well as the general population on the internet.

What had been identified as causes is of no surprise:

1. The constant onslaught of hype concerning the newest and best “Thing” in social media. How many social media accounts do you have? How much time do you spend trying to keep up?

2. Blogs/Blogging have proven to be key in the success of Public Relations-Marketing-Communications Campaigns.  This allows the full message to be transmitted to the intended audience with its unique flexibility in link backs, visuals, texts, and audio components while allowing for general audience, media pick-ups as well with one-click.

3. Censorship: Everyone knows the notorious censorship of Free Thought, Expression of Ideas and Opinions on Facebook.  If you are critical of certain agendas of Government, in Politics-Current Events, Religion, or enjoy the freedom of expression of The Arts, Music, and Literature then Facebook tells you what they will allow, blogging gets you around this hideous censorship.  Facebook dictates to you who you can share with if they deem you as not ‘fitting’ their agenda.

4. Formatting: Blogs offer a greater variety of options and controls over your formatting whereas Facebook DICTATES formatting to you.

In summary, if you desire better results of your time invested, get out and enjoy life more, the key is BLOG and SHARE to your other social media accounts.


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