The Great American Political-Economic, Social Suicide of 2012

I submit that the global economy is really nothing more than the fact that the banking industry and some very large companies have expanded to the point where they don’t really have any national loyalty. Any claim to a national identity is merely a facade; they hold no national allegiance and their only interest in any country is the ability to make a profit. The large international companies make claims of nationality, their headquarters have to be somewhere, but their operations, offices and factories span the globe. Their national claims often appear to nothing more than marketing in their countries of origin. They love free trade agreements because these allow them to lay off more expensive workers in their country of origin and replace them with less expensive workers in another. This increases their profits without regard to the impact in their home country or to their employees. -Excerpt from What is the Global Economy? By David W. Cooney / 18 August 2012 / The Distributist Review


What is The Great American Political-Economic, Social Suicide of 2012?

It is the silencing of voices of reason, thought, and common sense, the American Political-Economic establishment two-party, incestuous Soci-Cap economic system.


We ask ourselves the question why do the voices of Alan Keyes, Ron Paul meet with such hostile venomous attacks?  Because they both tell us with authority, expertise the only difference between the Republican and Democratic parties, Romney/Ryan – Obama/Biden is the speed of which they will drive the economy into socialism.

It is self-delusion to believe America is the America intended under the vision of The Founding Fathers.  The political establishment long ago capitulated to their Globalist Elite Corpo-Banker Masters.

I oft hear from proponents of Capitalism taking the position against Communism and proponents of Communism taking the position against Capitalism.  Both economic systems have the same end goal enslave the masses.  Capitalists and Communist both see the Human as a commodity.  The Capitalist buys, sells, and trades the wage slave.  The Communist owns the Human as property of The State.



Race and Class Warfare has taken on greater importance as a tool for destroying the social fabric of society in America.  The identity of being American has been under assault for many years with hyphens, cultural and social relativism.

I would make the point that the Abortion Nihilist, Eugenic Programmes of The Culture of Death has been the most potent anti-American Society force deployed thus far in our history.  The effect of this insidious programme goes well beyond dividing American Society into the Advocates of Life and the Abortion Nihilist.  No nation-state in world history has ever survived The Death Dance once it has introduced Abortion, Euthanasia, Eugenics, Man-Made Famines other Genocide programmes into society as acceptable.

Unfortunate as it might seem the only way America will wake up, see the light, turn its self around is to experience the utter destruction of her current Political-Economic, Social order through 2012 suicide.

Fascinating to think is that one of the countries America looks down its collective Imperial Globalist Elite nose upon as a peasant nation may hold the key for the future of America, Romania.


Like the British Distributists, the Romanian agrarians viewed their doctrine and practice as a Third Way, neither capitalist nor socialist. They shared the Distributist antagonism to Big Business, Big Finance, trusts, cartels and the unlimited accumulation of wealth. They were ahead of their time when they advocated for a sustainable industrialization, industries scattered widely in smaller units across the land, and they rejected large-scale heavy industries, dependent upon the interests of foreign investors and the mercantilist national state. In line with the Distributist view, these agrarians believed that humans are free and independent in a society of well-distributed productive property, that is, where worker-ownership is the prevailing keystone of business. Concentration of property and power in the hands of a few was considered degrading to human dignity and disruptive to the social order. The Romanian agrarians were no more statists than the British Distributists. Indeed, they emphasized decentralization, local-self government and the idea of building a state from the bottom up. They believed cooperative principles such as private property, communal responsibility and cooperation within voluntary associations were good for all of society.


The prospects for a Distributist order in Romania were brutally destroyed by communism. The communist rule embodied what the agrarians hated most: gigantism, dictatorship, slavery, violence, and the absence of God. During the communist rule, the members of the agrarian party, the National Peasant Party, were persecuted, murdered or condemned to many years in prison. And yet, the longing for the Distributist order envisaged by the agrarians during the interwar period is still very much alive among Romanians. The newly formed Romanian Distributist League marks a victory for restoring Distributism in the country. -Excerpt from Can Distributism Fix a Ravaged Country? By Dr. Ovidiu Hurduzeu / 2 September 2012 / The Distributist Review.


The current incestuous Soci-Cap economic system indeed has already enslaved America through control of the means of production, water, food supplies, population control, banking system-monetary control, medical care/medicine, denial of private property ownership, taxation and regulation.

As with any drug addict or alcoholic, Americans will not change until they have hit rock bottom however, by then it may be too late to revive her.  It may be the case to argue at that point that it might be more merciful to dissolve the Benevolent Union in favor of fifty new nation-states. The opportunity for Distributism to come of age in the face of the Globalist Elites, in favor of the common man, fairness, justice and the dignity of Human Life.

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“There is a huge and heroic sanity of which moderns can only collect fragments.”- G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy (In Chapter III, The Suicide of Thought)

G.K. Chesterton The Distributist

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Mr. Kelly graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from State University of New York at Potsdam where he majored in political science and minored in communications.

Greg Kelly is a combat veteran having served in the United States Army with the rank of Sergeant in the “America’s Guard of Honor”  82nd Airborne Division (Grenada) and “Second-2-None” 2nd Infantry Division (Korea).


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