20. Belle-Aire Letters: Ephialtes Embraced Curse, Demon Xerxes

Le Souverain Nationaliste:

This Rose, is the highest Treason!

Hang The Murderous Cowards, Deserters, Traitors!

Hang Them till the Maggots, Carrion eating Vultures have picked the bones of The Cowards, Deserters, Traitors! clean, then they can join Their Comrades, the demon Xerxes and his minions for an eternity in the Fires of Hell!

Originally posted on Knights O' Quill:


Current-events, state of society, leads me to believe we have many Ephialtes’ embracing the curse, demon of Xerxes.

Just the other day we saw a group of French soldiers wearing a Rope and Nail on their person. We inquired what was the symbolism of bearing these items?

This unit deserted their Comrades~in~Arms. When captured they were given the choice of summary execution as Coward, Deserter, Traitor!or return to the battle bearing a Rope and Nail to be used to hang them if they again embraced Cowardliness, abandoned their Comrades~in~Arms. Additionally if they were found not to have the Rope and Nail on their persons they were to be summarily executed on-site!

Resting in the soul of the Soldier is the thought of being abandoned by Cowards of Betrayal, Desertion, Treason!There was a time when the Coward, Deserter, Traitors All!were summarily executed on site.


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