Making the Case for Distributism Globalist Elite man-gods in Revolt Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznick

Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*Note: None of the material presented is an endorsement or show of support for the two-party system, individual political personalities or socio-political economic system in America other than Distributism.

Just a few short days before Christmas on December 22, 2012, I posted They Call Me Sedition “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.” -George OrwellThis post drew the attention of my contacts and former colleagues within the Globalist Elites in Government (Global Governance) and their Media Propaganda Machine as well as the usual suspects of their Security Apparatus.

As a former U.S. Army Paratrooper and U.S. Congressional Assistant I was not surprised at the conversations that followed with the Media it was however the communications with Globalist Elites in Government followed by the Security Apparatus inquiries that proved most interesting.

I am led to believe from the harsh tone and strong language used in the conversations that the Globalist Elites desire to control the narrative at any cost.  My contacts and former colleagues seemed particularly disturbed about those that have been inside the belly of the beast encouraging dissent.  Particularly offensive to them is language such as sedition, secession or my deployment of Orwellian, Chesterton, Tolkien and Solzhenitsyn references to their Globalist Elite agenda and pogroms.

What must the Globalist Elites be thinking of their biggest cheerleaders and propagandists turning on them, sort of?

Americans are living in an Orwellian state argue Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone and historian Peter Kuznick, as they sit down with RT to discuss US foreign policy and the Obama administration’s disregard for the rule of law…

RT: It took both of you almost five years to produce this series. And in it you have a chapter called Obama: Management of a Wounded Empire. You give a harsh critique of the Obama administration. What in your eyes has been the most troubling aspect of his presidency, Oliver?

Oliver Stone: I think under the disguise of sheep’s clothing he has been a wolf. That because of the nightmare of the Bush presidency that preceded him, people forgave him a lot. He was a great hope for change. The color of his skin, the upbringing, the internationalism, the globalism, seemed all evident. And he is an intelligent man. He has taken all the Bush changes he basically put them into the establishment, he has codified them. That is what is sad. So we are going into the second administration that is living outside the law and does not respect the law and foundations of our system and he is a constitutional lawyer, you know. Without the law, it is the law of the jungle.  Nuremburg existed for a reason and there was a reason to have trials, there is a reason for due process – ‘habeas corpus’ as they call it in the United States.

RT: Do you agree Peter?

Peter Kuznick: I agree, if you look at his domestic policy, he did not break with the Bush administration’s policies. If you look at his transparency – he claimed to be the transparency president when he was running for office. There has not been transparency. We have been actually classifying more documents under Obama than we did under Bush. All previous presidents between 1970 and 2008 indicted three people total under Espionage Act. Obama has already indicted six people under the Espionage Act. The surveillance has not stopped, the incarceration without bringing people to trial has not stopped. So those policies have continued.

Then there are war policies, militarization policies. We are maintaining that. We are fighting wars now in Yemen, Afghanistan, we are keeping troops in Afghanistan. We have not cut back the things that we all found so odious about the Bush administration and Obama added some of his own. The drones policy – Obama had more drone attack in the first eight months than Bush had his entire presidency. And these have very dubious international legality.   -Excerpt from Oliver Stone to RT: ‘US has become an Orwellian state’

Look closely at the language used by Stone, Kuznick, they have not forsaken their push for man-gods folly of one world Utopia. I have highlighted keywords, phrases in their interview above.

It stupefies me how the man-gods Stone, Kuznick, intelligent humans by all accounts, can in the same breath push for the one world Utopia and complain about it at the same time as being what it is,  Orwellian.

History and Orwell have shown us the outcome because it is the same story of man-gods failed attempts at creating Utopia that never ends well…Soaked in untold human misery, violence, blood and death. The one world Utopia you are ‘dying’ to attain Stone, Kuznick just may cost you more than you bargained for.

The Distributist Review Magazine  re-posted on its social media sites yesterday an article from April 29, 2012 that would be worth the time of Stone, Kuznick to review or anyone else interested in learning, educating themselves about the Socio-Political Economic Theory of Distributism. Following is an excerpt:

Finding common ground with the Distributists of England and the publisher of Free America, American Herbert Agar,[4] the NCRLC found its ideological basis in Distributism.[5] Under Ligutti the Conference’s publication declared, “We Catholic Agrarian Distributists have long been pointing to the evils that have caused this world-wide catastrophe—Industrialism, commercialism, urbanization, concentration of economic power.”[6] The Distributists and Msgr. Ligutti were aware of the labor market’s insecurities. As labor rose, the diversity of productive property shrank. Banishing these evils by broader ownership and management of productive property was crucial and meant the difference between living in a nation of freedom or slavery. Ligutti wrote, “A family should fully control the means of production, otherwise, self-preservation would be jeopardized, being dependent on factors external to it.”[7] Thinking himself free because he eats, sleeps and shops, the worker “has no plot of land, no tools, no small enterprises,” and thanks to “gigantic mergers and extreme concentration of ownership” institutionalized wage slavery increasingly depended upon welfare-based institutions.[8] As the Distributists and NCRLC argued, restoring economic functions to the family eliminated the concentration and collectivism by corporations and states unconcerned with the quality and distribution of our food or the preservation of mass ownership. In truth, decentralizing economic power this way appears to be a cheaper alternative to the high expense of doles or the corrupting power of largesse private enterprises. - Msgr. Luigi Ligutti and Distributism By Richard Aleman 29 April 2012

Far too often in today’s environment, manners and politeness are absent when people present their opposing arguments.  I have never met Mr. Stone, Mr. Kuznick and I adamantly disagree with their one world Utopia paradigm.  However, I do respect them and their right to express their thoughts freely.

In addition, what is mistaken, as argument of thought and reason are merely people presenting their opinion as factual or in the form of historical revisionism cloaked by the language of political correctness, moral and cultural relativism.

G.K. Chesterton is a great resource, introductory reading on Distributism:

From the American Chesterton Society:

The Distributist

To give nearly everybody ordinary houses would please nearly everybody; that is what I assert without apology. – G.K. Chesterton, What’s Wrong with the World, Collected Works Vol. 4, p. 74

Suggested Readings from The Distributist Review Magazine:

 Toward a Truly Free Market

A Distributist Perspective on the Role of Government, Taxes, Health Care, Deficits, and More

By John C. Médaille

The Church and the Land

Modern “wisdom” urges people to crowd into cities or their suburbs, to have few children, to live on credit. It teaches them to regard Industrialism as inevitable, and to view a life of speed and noise as both normal and desirable. The Catholic Church teaches the contrary. She proclaims rather that life on the land, the raising of large families, the possession of real wealth over artificial tokens, concern for the needs of men and not those of machines, and a focus on the life to come, constitute the only way to true happiness and contentment. The Church and the Land is a collection of essays and articles by England’s famous Dominican Distributist. De facto “chaplain” to the Distributists and the Distributist movement, Fr. McNabb was in many ways the most passionate and fervent of those seeking reform of economic life in the name of truly human values. In over 40 short essays, Fr. McNabb tackles subjects as diverse and yet unified as industrialism, morality and economics, working conditions, and the role of the state in shaping and defending the proper economic conditions. Fr. McNabb’s is a common and yet unique voice within the Distributist tradition, for he represents the voice of the Church, with its characteristic concern for morality and the salvation of souls, in economic as well as all other aspects of man’s daily life. Originally published: London, 1926.

By Fr. Vincent McNabb


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