“One might gloss over the name Terry Eckard Band and assume it to be just another beer-soaked cover band riding the weekend bar circuit, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Steeped in the kind of Southern roots-boogie that was presumed to be lost with the end of the Molly Hatchet and .38 Special era of the ’80s, his second effort, Rebel on the Highway, finds Eckard venturing far away from the counterfeit rebel rock that inevitably sunk the genre in the ’80s. Blanket Southern hubris is supplanted by a kind of localized pride that rather shows though in the everyman humility of his lyrical themes. The album’s opener, “Hey!” is a breezy love song that describes a series of come-and-go highway romances, but still takes time to introduce the listener to the first of many guitar styles in which Eckard excels.

The classic finger-style found there quickly gives way to a decidedly blues-rock kind of riffage on the album’s anthemic title track, where the album’s pervasive highway travelogue theme hits its gritty high point. Eckard jumps back and forth between sizzling electric fireworks and contemplative acoustic picking, but occasionally he tries on different personas such as the barebones blues howler “Loves’ Got Me Crying” and the jazzy “Maria’s Fire.” He may not have the name recognition to garner more than a passing glance on billboards, but fans of striking guitar work will absolutely find something to enjoy on Rebel on the Highway.” –Yes Magazine



Caroline Purr Adulated by VETUNES ® AIRBORNE ROCKATORIUM Peers for ‘Better Days’ Single

Caroline Purr...Power, Heart and Soul...BETTER DAYS!

As part of the VETUNES ® AIRBORNE ROCKATORIUM Purr has appeared with Simon Kirke, Pipapelli, The Terry Eckard Band and many others in support of our Veterans.  Watch for Purr to tour in the U.S. and Europe in 2012!

New York City — Caroline Purr’s release of ‘Better Days’ was greeted with thunderous and unanimous admiration from her peers at VETUNES ® AIRBORNE ROCKATORIUM, the first in a series of upcoming releases of her original music.  Purr, always at the ready, has never failed to answer the call to perform for and raise awareness for our Veterans and Their Families.

As part of the VETUNES ® AIRBORNE ROCKATORIUM Purr has appeared with Simon Kirke, Pipapelli, The Terry Eckard Band and many others in support of our Veterans.  Watch for Purr to tour in the U.S. and Europe in 2012!

In Caroline’s own words…Better Days:

“These are Better Days my friends, as long as we are still here. It is hard to pick ourselves up sometimes when Life’s ups and downs twist us in unexpected directions.

 I wrote this song at a time in my life, where things were not too easy (they usually are not, but I am Thankful nonetheless).   

Just when I really wanted to feel sorry for myself; I sat at the piano playing the few chords I know, while thinking of worse times in my life, like watching my beloved Brother in law Dennis Bosco die too young, of people I Love who struggle financially or with loneliness. I thought of our soldiers who sacrifice their lives for us, and leave their Loved ones crying at graves, and thought… What am I complaining about?

I am Thankful to be here, trying to do my best. I hope this song touches hearts and adds inspiration and hope to those it reaches. Keep Trying!” -Peace & Love, Caroline

About Caroline Purr:

Caroline Purr is a Singer/Songwriter hailing from Queens New York.

The youngest of five, Caroline has been singing vocal harmonies on countless Doo-Wop songs with her family since she was four (4).

First song performed with a band: Age 11 Brother’s band in backyard. “Crazy Train”

Joined first cover band @ age 16 called the One Eyed Jacks, and has been singing and writing music, performing and playing in bands ever since.

Currently Lead Vocalist in ‘Off The Chart’ New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Rock band.

Performing on many stages including: The Bitter End, The Back Fence, Village Underground, Lincoln Center, Highline Ballroom.

Main Objective: To save the World with Love and Music also some peace of mind would be nice.

What Caroline’s Peers Have To Say…Better Days!


“I’m enjoying it for the 3rd time in a row! This is EXCELLENT! OUTSTANDING!  uplifting, inspiring… the word I’m looking for escapes me at the moment, but I can say, In these morally dark & hard pressed economic times we’re all facing, a song like this is a much needed ray of hope, with an uplifting melody that sticks in your head all the day long & keeps your spirits positive.  That’s a remarkable accomplishment & inarguably demonstrates the power of a great song…Caroline Purr!” –Desperado Eric, The Young Brothers

“Wow!!! What a fantastic tune!!! Caroline is such a talented musician KUDOS my sister for giving us your music from your heart! A JOB WELL DONE!!! With much love and admiration we SALUTE YOU CAROLINE!!!” –Just Cindy, Pipapelli

” A STAR! I was knocked out by her voice and such a great song man!  Caroline Purr, Better days…I listened to this song and it gave me Goosebumps (not often that happens).  The Lady sings a great lyric with punch…she means it! Such passion and purity of voice…Soo love this song thank you Caroline!” –Frank Cokayne, Under The Gun (UK)

“Caroline’s new track “Better Days” is another example of her amazing songwriting, powerful and soulful vocals, and penchant for creating catchy and memorable, yet deep and insightful hooks. Awesome!” –Zeb Kandros, Deep Chemistry

Better Days…To experience Caroline Purr is to experience the Human Condition.  Caroline meets you right where you are at no matter how low or dark the place, challenging, lifting and carrying you to the top of your mountain.

Since being introduced to Caroline’s music, I have always stated, “Caroline Purr consistently lays bare, shows us the enormity of her breathtaking soul and intrinsic love for others through her music.

Whenever I hear Purr, I am always amazed at her provocative originality, intensity, power, range, depth of talent. To experience Purr is without question one of those uplifting, intense, music-high moments in your life not soon forgotten.” –Legendary Radio Personality Zach Martin

Experience Caroline Purr…Better Days, Here:






Purr’s ‘Better Days’ release comes after the recent release of her video:

Caroline Purr Releases ‘We’ll Find A Way 2011’ Video…Be the Inspiration in Our World Today (Press Release)

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